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QLD Detailing Services prides itself on the fact it has an extremely high level of quality control and a unique detailing service.

We have a well respected array of clientele that uses the detailing services including the following dealerships: Toyota, Lexus, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, Audi, Maserati, Ferrari, Bentley, Great Wall, Ford, Nissan, etc...

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Full Detail

A full detail includes the engine bay, underbody, rims and wheel arches degreased and cleaned. Where applicable the aluminium tray acid washed and restored. The exterior is then washed and decontaminated with clay lubricant...

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Paint Protection

Amazing Glaze is the technological breakthrough sealant that enhances vehicle appearance while providing maximum paint protection...

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Yard Cleaning

QLD Detailing Services offers a full contractual service for yard cleaning. Vehicles are pressure wash cleaned, chamois dried, wheels cleaned...

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