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Regular car cleaning and detailing service is a great way to ensure pristine state of your car for years to come.

The experts at QLD Detailing are passionate about cars and even more passionate about their work. We offer professional car detailing in our Brisbane workshop. Watch our experts working their magic. We will restore the shine on your car, both on the inside and outside. You'll soon be driving away in your sparkling car, spreading envy on the streets.

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Full Car Detail

A full car detail includes the engine bay, underbody, rims and wheel arches degreased and cleaned...

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Paint Protection

Amazing Glaze is the technological breakthrough sealant that enhances vehicle appearances...

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car yard car detailing

Car Yard Car Cleaning

QLD Detailing Services offers a full contractual service for vehicle yard cleaning. Vehicles are pressure...

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Our experts have hands-on experience with cleaning, vacuuming and other interior car detailing work for various brands and models. Whether it's a high-end sedan or an economical hatchback, we treat every car with love and care, with a motive to achieve world-class results for our customers.

QLD Detailing Services caters for individuals and commercial fleet owners alike. If you run a fleet, which comprises multiple luxurious cars, ensuring regular maintenance can be a one big hassle to cope with. Further, you will want that anyone who hires your car for the first time, gets a positive impression and has a great experience to share with others. This is why we use top-quality car detailing products that never fail to bring out the best in your vehicle.

We have different car detailing packages tailored to your needs and budget. We can provide full detailing service to prepare your ride for special occasions or whenever you want to leave a nice impression on the onlookers. If cars are part of your rich, elegant lifestyle, our detailing services will certainly help.

If your car remains parked under the sun for long hours, there are chances the shine on your car will fade away sooner than expected. This is because harmful UV rays may affect the texture of you car's paint adversely. To help you avoid situations like these, we provide the most effective paint protection service that should retain the sheen and texture of your car's original paint for years to come.

Give us a call about our services and we will provide a quote for your individual car detailing needs.

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